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Our Services Are Now Available Only To Existing Clients


Currently, Runnetts is only offering services to its existing property owner clients. We have taken this decision as a result of the implementation by the Welsh Government (as from 15th July 2022) of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016. This will allow us to concentrate on undertaking the considerable work involved in ensuring we provide the very best service we can to our many existing clients in the context of the new housing laws in Wales.

For our existing clients, we offer a number of service options and we are dedicated to delivering a no hassle, fully managed service that best suits their needs and personal requirements.


Managed Service


We have three managed service packages: Basic, Peace of Mind and Premium. These provide:

  • A full lettings and property management service - please contact us for full information and to discuss the options to suit your particular circumstances.

  • Our Premium service is designed for property owners who want us to take care of every aspect of their property - ideal for those living outside of the UK or who want us to look after everything (for example, arranging property insurance and dealing with cyclical and major repairs).

In all cases, we:

  • Undertake regular, thorough property inspections, using a detailed inventory and taking photographs at every visit to create an inspection report. Each report provides both the property owner and tenant with a regular, accurate record of the property's condition, giving reassurance to the property owner and helping reduce the risk of disputes at a later date.

  • Because of our experience, we can spot maintenance issues before they become serious or cause damage. By ensuring issues are dealt with promptly, potentially more serious problems are nipped in the bud, thus avoiding the need for more costly repairs later. 

  • We now only offer managed service packages - so we do not offer a 'let only' or 'tenant find' service. This is primarily because the best tenants will usually only consider a property if it is being managed by an agent. In this way, tenants feel that any issues relating to the tenancy can be dealt with professionally and there is redress for any serious problems through a formal complaints’ process and through the Property Ombudsman. Many tenants do not want to deal directly with the property owner.


A feature of all our services is our commitment to arranging your Energy Performance Certificate for you (if you need one) and arranging good quality photography.
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