Rental Valuation

When you want to let a property, one of the first things you will want to know is: “How much rent can I get for it?”. To get the right answer, you’ll need an accurate rental ‘valuation’ or market appraisal. This really can’t be done just by using one of the many internet sites that claim to give you an accurate rental figure. You also need to avoid those agents that will flatter you with an unrealistically high figure or who will under-value your property’s potential.

At Runnetts, we will do our research and use our local knowledge and experience to provide an accurate appraisal. We do this by assessing and interpreting the appetite and direction of the local lettings market. In this way we deliver an accurate valuation that will ensure your property generates the best return possible on your investment and in a time scale that suits you.

In addition, our valuation process is totally transparent, so you won’t be left wondering how and why we’ve reached the valuation for your rental property. We will evaluate your property against the following criteria when forming your valuation:

  • Review local and national economy changes – including interest rates, local infrastructure and employment rates

  • Understand your current situation and investment options, in particular the importance of timing

  • Evaluate the condition and location of your property

  • Investigate the current supply of similar rental properties and features

  • Number and quality of tenants searching within the area

  • Research recent rental prices and the speeds that they are let


For more information regarding our no obligation valuation process, either complete our Contact Form or give us a call.