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You can make payment by either electronic bank transferMoving-In Day

At Runnetts, when the landlord accepts your offer, we will put all the details together and then we will call you to confirm all the arrangements and draw up your tenancy agreement and other important documentation. You'll also be issued with a 'moving in' invoice for payment. This includes:


  • First month's rent

  • Deposit

  • A deduction of the initial holding deposit

  • Future rent payments will be made monthly and taken by Standing Order in advance - we'll give you all the forms to complete.



You can make payment by electronic bank transfer (at least 24 hours before the date you move in), or by cash. We do not accept payment by cheque or by either credit or debit card.


With your references, paperwork and invoices complete, it's time to move in!


Your keys will be available at your check-in appointment from either the landlord or from our Runnertts Property Manager - dependant on the service level your landlord has selected. (We will confirm this with you beforehand).


Our top tip: If you want to remove an element of stress from the day consider using a professional that will pack, move and unpack your belongings quickly and carefully. Remember to inform your utilities provider and the local Council of your move.

The Inventory

The inventory is a detailed list of the contents and condition of the property at the point that you move into it. By both parties agreeing that the inventory is correct at the start of the tenancy, any risk of disputes at the end of the tenancy will be minimised. We recommend therefore that you thoroughly check the inventory before you sign.

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