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Right to Redress: If you're not happy with our Service

At Runnetts we work hard at providing an excellent service to our Clients. However, occasionally, people can be unhappy with the service they receive. This can be for variety of reasons – for example, it could be because we are under a legal duty to do something in relation to a property and we have to comply with the Law. If you are unhappy, this is what you need to do:

  1. Telephone , e-mail or write to us: almost all of the small number of complaints we receive are addressed and resolved quickly using this method.

  2. However, if you are not satisfied, please use our formal Complaints Procedure (we will send you our Complaints Information Sheet).

  3. If you still feel that the issue hasn't been resolved, you can make a complaint to the independent Property Ombudsman, who will adjudicate your complaint and make a ruling.

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