We offer a variety of packages for our landlord clients.

We have three value-for-money packages offering a licensed agent letting and management service that complies with the Housing (Wales) Act 2014:

Basic Package: £350 letting fee and 10% of rental (£275 + 10% of rental for 1 bedroom flats)

Peace of Mind Package: £325 letting fee and 12% of rental

Premium Package: £295 fee and 15% of rental

Full information is available from us on the exact services provided within each package by e-mail (please use our Contact Form), from the Office or by calling us. We can also put together bespoke service packages, especially if you have a portfolio of properties. Please discuss your requirements with us. In this case, the exact fee package is by negotiation.


There is no VAT payable on our fees - this means our fees are amongst the most competitive on the market locally. Please note that from 23 November 2016 you must use a licensed agent to let and manage any properties you own within Wales (this does not apply to England and different laws apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland).

We do not offer a 'tenant find' service. Please note that if you instruct us to proceed with a proposed letting and tenancy and subsequently withdraw your instructions you agree to pay us an administration fee of £350.

The following services are in addition to the above and are subject to additional charges as follows:

  • Consultancy is offered on request and is chargeable at an agreed rate per hour, plus travel and other reasonable expenses and costs. This Service includes arranging cleaning prior to the start of a Tenancy, arranging safety checks, arranging installation of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms, arranging an Energy Performance Certificate or obtaining consent from a lender or a Superior Landlord.

  • Checking and making any alterations requested by your solicitor to our standard Tenancy Agreement: £40 per hour or part of an hour.

  • Service of Notices to terminate a Tenancy when we are not managing the Premises will be subject to an administration fee of £50.

  • Visits during a void period using our caretaking service will be £50 for one visit each week during office hours.

  • Instructing contractors during a void period if we are not managing the Premises will incur an administration fee of £50 payable in advance together with the cost of the contractor.This Service is only offered provided we have written instructions from the Landlord and hold sufficient cleared funds to cover the cost of the work plus our fees.

  • Supervise the partial or total refurbishment of the Premises for a fee of 10% of the total cost of the work but subject to a minimum fee of £200.

  • If the Landlord is not resident in the UK we will charge an administration fee of £40 each quarter for tax retention and completion of the documentation required by the Centre for Non Residents.

  • Preparation of documentation for County Court proceedings or DPS adjudication will be £80 plus our reasonable costs and expenses, and attendance at Court or any Tribunal on your behalf will be charged at £40 per hour plus our reasonable costs and expenses.

  • The cost of advertisements in specialist publications, preparation of brochures detailing the particulars of the Premises including photographs (where applicable) will be subject to an additional charge.Full details will be provided on request.

Fees last revised on 1st August 2021.